Completed Theses

  1. Zuwen Sun, M.A.Sc. 2017 Effect of Photoacoustic Radar Chirp Parameters on Profilometric Information
  2. Ramandeep Singh Ghai M.A.Sc. 2017 (co-supervision with Dr. Kuiying Chen, NRC) – Modelling thermal conductivity of porous thermal barrier coatings for high temperature aero engines.
  3. Shuai Yang Ph.D. 2017 (co-supervision with Dr. Ming Liang) Development of Non-linear Two-Terminal Mass Components for Application to Vehicle Suspension Systems.
  4. Nemanja Babic, B.A.Sc. 2017, Design and Evaluation of an Infant CPR Training Manikin with Hysteretic Thoracic Response and Real-time Feedback Mechanism.
  5. Bochun Zhang M.A.Sc. 2016 (co-supervision with Dr. Kuiying Chen, NRC) Analysis and Life Prediction based on Atmospheric Plasma-Sprayed and Electron Beam    Physical Vapor Deposition Thermal Barrier Coatings.
  6. Trevor Meunier M.A.Sc. 2016 (co-supervision with Dr. Arnaud Weck)  Design and Evaluation of a Compact Vibration Isolator for use in Retrofit Telecommunications Fan Unit Applications.
  7. Elise Mayo, M.A.Sc., 2016 (co-supervision with Dr. Ming Liang), A Non-Filtering Gear Fault Detection Method.
  8. Nicole Capela, M.A.Sc., 2015 (co-supervision with Dr. Ed Lemaire), Improving a Smartphone Wearable Mobility Monitoring System with Feature Selection and Transition Recognition
  9. Ugo Chouinard, B.A.Sc., 2015, Numerical Simulations for the Discrete Hankel Transform.
  10. Drew Herbert-Copley, M.A.Sc., 2015 (co-supervision with Dr. Ed Lemaire), Design and Evaluation of a Variable Resistance Orthotic Knee Joint.
  11. Cameron Frazier,M.A.Sc., 2015 (co-supervision with Dr. Alex Ellery), Re-Active Vector Equilibrium: A Novel Method of Autonomous Vehicle Navigation Using Artificial Potential Fields.
  12. Patrick Dumond, PhD, 2015, Incorporating Acoustical Consistency in the Design for Manufacturing of Wooden Guitars.
  13. Emily Sinitski, M.A.Sc., 2014 (co-supervision with Dr. Ed Lemaire), Transtibial amputee and able-bodied walking strategies for maintaining stable gait within a multi-terrain virtual reality environment.
  14. Marco Tundo, M.A.Sc., 2014 (co-supervision with Dr. Ed Lemaire), Development of a Human Activity Recognition System using Inertial Measurement Unit Sensors on a Smartphone.
  15. Farhad Mir Hosseini, M.A.Sc., 2013, On Inverse Problems for a Beam with Attachments.
  16. Ryan Sammon, M.A.Sc., 2013, Data Collection, Analysis, and Classification for the Development of a Sailing Performance Evaluation System.
  17. Jaime Murillo, M.A.Sc., 2013 (co-supervision with Dr. Marc Doumit), Design of a Pneumatic Artifical Muscle for Powered Lower Limb Prostheses.
  18. Alexandre Bergeron, M.A.Sc., 2012, Design and Development of a Marine Data Acquisition System for Inertial Measurement in Wind Powered Yachts.
  19. H.H. Wu, M.A. Sc, 2011  (co-supervision with Dr. Ed Lemaire), Development and Evaluation of a BlackBerry-Based Wearable Mobility Monitoring System.
  20. Edem Dovlo, M.A.Sc., 2011, Development of a Symbolic Computer Algebra Toolbox for 2D Fourier Transforms in Polar Coordinates.
  21. Véronique Millette, M.A.Sc., 2010 (co-supervision with Dr. Michel Labrosse), Signal Processing of Heart Signals for the Quantification of Non-Deterministic Events.
  22. Patrick Dumond, M.A.Sc., 2010, Towards Improving the Manufactured Consistency of Wooden Musical Instruments through Frequency Matchings .
  23. Gaetanne Haché,  M.A.Sc., 2010 (co-supervision with Dr. Ed Lemaire), Development of a Wearable Mobility Monitoring System.  This thesis was nominated for UOttawa Master’s thesis prize, Science Division.
  24. Alexandre Bergeron, B.A.Sc., 2009Sailboat Mast Design.
  25. Sumin Jeong, M.A.Sc. , 2008, A New Approach to Ice Induced Vibrations through the Conservation of Momentum.

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