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New article published!

New article published!

Effects of the unity vacuum suspension system on transtibial gait for simulated non-level surfaces

Walking on various surfaces encountered in everyday life requires lower limb prosthesis users to continually adapt their movement patterns. Elevated vacuum suspension systems could improve transtibial amputee gait on non-level surfaces; however, research is lacking to guide clinical practice. Twelve transtibial amputees were fitted with the Össur sleeveless vacuum suspension system (Unity). After a one month accommodation period, the CAREN-Extended system was used to evaluate gait on a self-paced treadmill when walking with continuous perturbations (medial-lateral translations, rolling hills, simulated uneven ground) with an active or inactive vacuum suspension system. Significant differences between active and inactive vacuum conditions (p<0.05) were found for some temporal-spatial and kinematic gait parameters, but the differences were small and not considered clinically significant. Our findings suggest that potential vacuum pump failures would not immediately affect gait performance in a moderately high


Ottawa ranked as top student city

Ottawa ranked as top student city by the students themselves!


We made PLOS ONE’s most cited list!

One our articles is on PLOS ONE’s most cited list!  !

Top tips from career experts | University of Waterloo Magazine

First ever video paper!

Our first every video paper was published!

We’re #6!

Check out uOttawa’s ranking as a Canadian engineering school.

We’re #6!

Photoacoutics paper published!

It took a while (doesn’t it always..) but some of the work done during last year’s academic leave at UofT got published.  Check it out here:

N. Baddour and A. Mandelis, The Effect of Acoustic Impedance in Subsurface Absorber Geometry Reconstruction using 1D Time and Frequency-Domain Photoacoustics, Photoacoustics, Vol. 3, Issue 4, December 2015, pp. 132–142,