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Finally published!

Sometimes it takes patience and persistence to get a paper published.  In this case, it finally paid off.  The paper I wrote with Ugo a couple of summers ago is now in (electronic) print.  I’m so please!

Chouinard and N. Baddour, Matlab Code for the Discrete Hankel Transform, Journal of Open Research Software 5:4, January 2017.


Dictionary of Hankel Transforms of Zero Order

My colleague, Dr. Kevin Parker at the University of Rochester, recently put together something that I think is pretty cool (ok, so I’m biased but still).

It is intended for those who use 2D Fourier Transforms and Hankel Transforms in their coursework or research.   With the support from the Wadsworth C. Sykes Fund and HSEAS,  Dr. Parker and his team have been able to compile an extensive dictionary of Hankel transforms of zero order, along with a short tutorial on 2D Fourier and Hankel transforms.    Unfortunately, all the published pairs of Hankel Transforms were set into print long ago and in forms that are difficult to use and evaluate. To make these powerful transforms available, and in a form that can be readily searched, viewed, and ported into computational engines, they created an on-line dictionary. It is hoped that these newly accessible transforms will be a significant resource for teaching and research.

Check it out!