The Open Science Reviewer’s Oath

This appeared in a paper I recently sent in for review.  Very impressive! Apparently, the source is 

The Open Science Reviewer’s Oath

While reviewing this manuscript:

i) I will sign my review in order to be able to have an open dialogue with you

ii) I will be honest at all times

iii) I will state my limits

iv) I will turn down reviews I am not qualified to provide

v) I will not unduly delay the review process

vi) I will not scoop research that I had not planned to do before reading the manuscript

vii) I will be constructive in my criticism

viii) I will treat reviews as scientific discourses

ix) I will encourage discussion, and respond to your and/or editors’ questions

x) I will try to assist in every way I ethically can to get your manuscript published, by providing criticism and praise that is valid, relevant and cognisant of community norms

xi) I will encourage the application of any other open science best practices relevant to my field that would support transparency, reproducibility, re-use and integrity of your research

xii) If your results contradict earlier findings, I will allow them to stand, provided the methodology is sound and you have discussed them in context

xiii) I will check that the data, code, identifiers and models presented are referenced

xiv) I will comment on how well you have achieved transparency, in terms of materials and methodology, data and code access, versioning, algorithms, software parameters and standards, such that your experiments can be repeated independently

xv) I will encourage deposition with long-term unrestricted access to the data that underpin the published concept, towards transparency and re-use

xvi) I will encourage central long-term unrestricted access to any software code and support documentation that underpin the published concept, both for reproducibility of results and software availability

xvii) I will remind myself to adhere to this oath by copying it into each review I write


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