Finally published…

This one’s been a long time coming, for some strange reason.  Interesting, a few years ago one of my students was curious why luthiers tune (or shape) their braces when they build a guitar.  He spent the next couple of years doing some modelling and simulations to answer the question (which he did – the answer is by shaping the braces, they can control more than one frequency of the brace-soundboard system at a time).  Anyways, this is his FIRST paper on the subject.  Which, although it answered the question, for some reason we had trouble getting it published.  But it’s finally published! Thanks to SpringerPlus! Check it out here.  (For those that are curious, there are papers that follow on the ideas in this paper that have already been published.  This paper is like the “prequel” to those papers.  See the full list of journal papers.)


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