Mobility Project: New apps on BlackBerry Appworld!

The Mobility Project continues in its relentless pace thanks to an awesome crew of students that are working hard this summer.  Two new apps are now on BlackBerry Appworld:

  • TOHRC Biomechanics Augmented Reality (BB10): Biomechanical Augmented Reality (BAR) provides tools for providing real-time information in a live video application to support clinical decision-making. A constant vertical line and grid, based on gravity, provides a reference for aligning or interpreting position. Lines representing the phone’s orientation can be added to enable angle measurement to the vertical gravity line. This augmented reality approach enhances how a person visually assesses a person or device.
  • TOHRC Video Event Recorder (BB10): Video Event Recorder (VER) saves event timing while recording video by simply tapping the phone’s screen. This application is useful for researchers, healthcare providers, and quality experts who use video to document physical activity or evaluate performance. A text file is created with all event timings, allowing for timing analysis or as a guide for locating specific events in the video file.

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